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Jade Color Dragon


Jade Color Dragon
What a beauty, this Jade Dragon is. It stands 12 in. tall. I don't know what it is made from or who made it. When I got it the sticker on the bottom was 165.00 If you like Oriental items, this is a fantastic one to have.The depth of color in it just will not show up in a photo. This is a must have item for the collector of Oriental Ware. The crystal orb reflects the light as if it were a real diamond and the eyes---the eyes are just magnificent and seem to be staring at you as you enter and leave the room. It's as if the Dragons soul itself is alive in those eyes. This is a great piece at a great price you can enjoy for a long time. Thanks for looking
Category: Collectibles
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Price: $49.00 and $11.95 Shipping

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